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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Billy Bumbleebee and the Magic Nickel Machine

To teach children the power of interest, I wrote the following to help educate my daughters.

Billy Bumbleebee
and the Magic Nickel Machine

Bill Peer
(copyright 2009)

Billy Bumbleebee wanted a new blue ball.
But the blue ball cost $3.

Billy Bumbleebee asked his daddy for $3.
"Billy", his daddy said, "If you bring me a basket of blossoms, I will give you $1."

Billy Bumbleebee asked his mommy for $3
"Billy", his mommy said, "If you bring me a bucket of blueberries, I will give you $1."

Billy Bumbleebee asked his big brother Bobby for $3.
"Billy", his big brother Bobby said, "I will give you $3 now if you give me $3 later and you buff my black boots, bag my brown buttons, and boxy my building blocks."

Billy Bumbleebee was bothered by his big brother Bobby's offer.
"But if I do that, I will be too busy to play with the blue ball" Billy thought.

Billy Bumbleebee began collecting blossoms for his daddy's dollar.
While buzzing back with a basket of blossoms, Billy Bumbleebee saw a beautiful shiny silver machine.

Billy Bumbleebee stopped before the machine.
"Billy", the magic machine said, "If you give me a dollar now and come back later, I will give you your dollar back and give you a nickel too!"

Billy Bumbleebee was excited and few home as fast as his wings would fly.
He brought home a basket of blossoms to get $1 to try.

Billy Bumbleebee collected his dollar
and flew back to the machine he found before

Billy Bumbleebee put his dollar into the magic machine and took a deep breath.
"Billy", the magic machine said, "Come back later and I will give you the dollar and a nickel too."

Billy Bumbleebee began to fill a pale of blueberries because
he wanted his mommy's $1 too.

Billy Bumbleebee stopped by the magic nickel machine while doing his work
"Billy," the magic machine said, "thank you for the $1, heres an extra nickel for you."

Billy Bumbleebee repeated this many times while picking blueberries,
giving the machine his dollar and later getting his money back and a free nickel.

Billy Bumbleebee, with his bucket of blueberries and now 20 nickels too
made enough money to buy the ball that was blue.

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