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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stupid Handwriting

Why do schools continue to teach the art of Scripted Handwriting?

What a dumb, antiquated mode of textual conveyance. Why don't we write in the "Old English" style any more? Because it is inefficient.

Well, talk about inefficiencies. How many hours and hours and hours are poured in by teachers teaching how to write a scripted "L" How dumb.

Think of all the other ways kids could spend their time. Oh wait, therein lies the rub. Teachers would actually have to fill their time with something e-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n-a-l. Geez.

The skill of "hand eye coordination" and "motor skill" development can be done in many other ways. Why not simply teach kids painting? That would be far superior.

Modern times mean using a damn computer. Not hand scripting writing things. Printing on screen or on paper is just fine. Let's evolve.


  1. I'd agree except that not everyone has a computer. And when you have to hand write anything more than a few words, cursive writing is *far* faster, so it is more efficient.

    That said, I think being able to read cursive is a MUCH more important skill than writing it. My kids struggle to read the cards sent by their grandparents, etc. And when they get into the job market it's quite possible their boss will leave instructions via cursive writing, etc., which could be bad for their careers.

    Jay Jennings

  2. @Jay Jennings: Thanks for your thoughts Jay. I conjecture that the input modes used by people in 15 years, when my girls become legal adults, will all be digital. I hear what you're saying about scripting notes quickly by hand, but the kids today are putting their notes into digital devices ... and they are far faster at putting in the text on their devices than I can hand write. Heck, I work off my Black Berry so much that I, myself, may be faster at using a Black Berry for note taking. :)


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