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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ever want to watch the latest release DVD for $1? Ever want to get the movie right now? Ever want to avoid the ding dong behind the counter at BlockBuster video? Enter Redbox, an incredible self service, kiosk based, latest release DVD provider.

As a geek, I'm thoroughly impressed with how integrated their systems are. You can go online and reserve your movie, then go pick it up at a Redbox location. Or, you can go to any of their kiosks and browse the titles on the machine.

There are Redbox locations in McDonalds, Walmarts, and other places too. Get this, you can pickup a movie at any Redbox location and drop it off at another. If you're on a roadtrip, pick up a movie, watch it, then drop it off down the road. All this for a buck!!

We walk to the Redbox kiosk location. If you add up the walking to get + watching + walking to return, the cost per time of entertainment is fantastic. Another bonus is the number of Free Rentals that Redbox gives you. Fill out a survey and your in for a free night of movies!

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