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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walk King

2 years ago, we sold our house and moved into a small 2-bedroom apartment near my office. There were 4 reasons for doing this. First, we wanted more family time. Second, we wanted to use our cars less. Third, we wanted to lower our cost of living. Fourth, we knew we needed some mental preparation for smaller living spaces (the boat). While all of these outcomes were achieved, the one that continues to change our lives is the reduction in our car usage.

We ensured that where we moved not only put my office in walking distance, but so were grocery stores, sit down restaurants, movie theaters, fast food joins, and so on. As a consequence, we walk … we walk a lot. If the weather is accommodating, the shoes get put on and we walk. All 4 of us.

While I love cars (I’m a man after all), I find that we all actively look for excuses or reasons to not drive the cars. We want to walk. At first, we were looking for reasons to drive and not walk, but that has now changed and we are the opposite. Not only is this cheaper, and we have a chance to find money, but this is more healthy.

Keep mind that we walk as a family. A 1 year old, a 3 year old, and my wife and I. No stroller. We all walk.

Walking is slower, so there is more time spent doing that … and less time spending money.

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