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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free DVDs, Internet, and More!

The library has a fantastic selection of DVDs that we can get … all for free! Further, our library is part of the county system with an online capability to order DVDs from other libraries in the county so the selection is quite large.

Another way the library provides fantastic savings is through checking out books. Yes, it is obvious, but we’ve saved a ton of money getting our books this way. If a book is so good and important to us that we keep checking it out, then we will buy a copy.

For our trip around the world, we identify many of the places we want to go through National Geographic magazines. The local library sells old copies (anything more than a few months) for $0.20! Used books go for $0.75.

Then there is the no cost Internet access.

Pile on top of all this the various children’s activities (e.g. story time) at no cost and you have one hell of a place to save money. If you can walk to yours, like we can, even better!

Here is another way to look at it. You pay the taxes to keep your library going… you might as well get some, or all, of your money back.

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