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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goal, Strategy and Tactics

While discussing a choice we had to make regarding our trip around the world, Val asked me to pull out our Goal, Strategy and Tactics sheet. This is a handy device you can put together for any goal to help you make consistent choices toward your goal.

Your Goal is what you want to achieve.
Your Strategy is a high-level decision that helps exclude choices, from the universe of choices, for achieving your Goal.
Your Tactics are behaviors that fit within the strategy.

Each Strategy must fit the goal.
Each Tactic must support 1 or more strategies. The more the better.

There are merits to each strategy and tactic. As you attack your goal you may find some strategies and/or tactics don't actually work. Simply adjust your list.

Everyone's strategy and/or tactic is an individual choice. There is no right or wrong here. Some may be efficient than others, some may suit you better than others. Pick what works for you and your goal.

Here is our trip's Goal, Strategy and Tactics sheet:
Goal –
Explore the world as a family full time indefinitely leaving as early as 2012.

Strategy –
S1: Use boat for conveyance and residence
S2: Live self-sufficiently
S3: Don’t own durable goods with a life span past 2012

Tactics –
T1: Identify and liquidate all non-essential material possessions (S2, S3)
T2: Save as much money as possible (S1, S2)
T3: Reduce cost of living (S2)
T4: Create multiple parallel streams of passive income (S2)
T5: Identify and acquire appropriate boat (S1)
T6: Identify and discontinue all non-essential services (S2)
T7: Cook with a single burner (S1, S2)
T8: Add seafood to diet (S2)
T9: Identify and address all physical deficiencies before 2012 (S2)
T10: Maximize bodily health (S2)
T11: Live a minimalist life (S2)

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