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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheap Stainless Steel Polish

Maintaining a boat is a never ending story. Every time we go to see Ariel, we do something. Whether it's checking the batteries, washing the outside of the boat, oiling the teak, or polishing the stainless steel; something always needs to be done.

A big choice in doing theses kinds of upkeep maintenance is what to use. We could buy the "specially formulated for boat" products, which translates into expensive or we can use simple home cleaners. For instance, you can clean stainless steel with a simple paste of baking soda and water, scrubbed with a piece of aluminium foil. You can also polish your stainless steel with "Pledge" lemon furniture polish. Just spray the lemon scented furniture polish onto the stainless or a soft cloth and rub. Not only with the stainless steel shine, but will also be protected from corrosion. The citric acid aids in preventing rust on stainless steel. If you don't want to use lemon furniture polish or none is available, you can always use lemons. Lemon juice also aids in preventing rust, but it doesn't help with the shine.

So, whether your stainless steel is on a boat or in a home, don't shell out the extra cash on a stainless steel polish when you probably have something that would work just as well at home.

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