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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where can You Save Money?!

Businesses are in business to make money. You're shocked by this, I know ;). But sometimes we forget, I know I do.

One night while reviewing my mobile phone statement, I thought why am I paying almost $90 a month or $1,080 a year for my mobile phone service? Well one reason was my data plan with Internet, which I dropped for a messaging plan that better fit my needs and saved $360 a year. I also looked at ways to save on my calling plan. While reviewing the options offered by my provider (AT&T), on their website, I noticed that the cost they were quoting, for my current calling plan, was less than what I currently pay by $5 a month or $60 per year. So I called AT&T and asked for the lower price, which they gave me. Now if I hadn't called, AT&T wouldn't have adjusted the price I was paying. You can't blame them, they are in business to make money. But that doesn't mean that I have to give them my money, blindly.

Review your service purchases, do you need them? Can you get the same service from the same provider for less? Remember the money that you save by reviewing the services that you purchase, stays in your pocket. Think of it as a raise.

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