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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Snakes, Bats, Careening Cars, Ants, Bats, Fireworks, and Bushes

Ahhh, the Labor Day 80 or so hour sail is over. It is amazing just how remote and distant ones mind can be when aboard a boat for 4 days, even just 15 miles from the big city.

We set out Friday morning with only one minor issue (engine wouldn't start), and once that was resolved, I pushed the engine up to 5000 RPM and we motored across the lake at 6.5 knots. The lake was relatively calm and not many boats sharing the space. 1.5 hours later, we hit our favorite anchorage and we set up shop for the weekend.

As we get more and more comfortable with our boat and our skills, there is more time to enjoy the surroundings and its details. This trip we observed a number of new things. We watched as a snake swam out towards the middle of our lagoon, we watched some bats chase insects at dusk, we watched a car lose control on the top of the dam and careen off the guard rail after crossing the center line, we watched some fireworks celebrating the weekend, we watched KJ and Dy's aunts as they made their way out to the boat, and finally, we watched a young lady get totally naked on the shore! Yes, she was totally buff! Naked as a Jay bird, save a set of cowboy boots and hat. The hat did come off though. It was some sort of photo shoot as there was special lighting put up and poses being made. Did I take pictures? Did I take pictures? Of course I did! They wouldn't be appropriate for this website however. :)

The days were full of story reading, imagination games (what does that cloud look like), sensory exploration (how to really experience an orange, not just eat it), and more. Unfortunately, Monday morning came and we had to head back. We left by 7, but I kept the speed low (around 3.5 knots), so the journey back took nearly 3 hours.

There were many times that we could easily transport ourselves to the ocean and our big trip. The journey can't come soon enough for us.

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