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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What will you do?

During the holiday, we had 3 guests on board ... KJ and Dy's aunts, Iris, Jenny, and Linda. They were are first ever guests on the boat. They came out for 4 hours and we had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, beer, soda, and some butternut squash/onions/cranberry concoction that was really good, or so I was told.

Having people come aboard is a strange experience. We were glad our first guests were family members that we adore. The boat is our home and opening our home to others isn't something we typically do. As we sat out on the foredeck, the conversation inevitably turned to our big trip. Aunt Linda, from Chicago, doesn't get as much time with us so she, along with aunt Iris, asked a series of questions about the trip that remind us how foreign such a trip is to most people.

The questions ranged from how will we get along when the girls get older (and the space seems to get smaller) to what our daily activities would be like to do the girls get bored (we don't have TV or video games on the boat) to how will we prevent sun damage to our bodies. For us, we think about the trip all the time and the answers to these questions seem very obvious.... so it is fun to share out loud with someone whom cares about us and our trip the answers.

Our favorite question is always the question about Time... what will we do each day. Or, how will we fill our time. This particular question really highlights how different our world is from others. In the daily hamster race, everyone seems to have their days packed with things like a paying job, shows they like to watch, people they like to spend time with, and so forth. For us on the boat, our day will be crammed with time working on the boat, reading, thinking, talking, playing board and card games, exploring, cooking, sleeping, exercising, learning, drawing, playing music, swimming, watching, listening to odd sounds, smelling different aromas, tasting new foods, and so much more. While some wonder what how they would fill the time, we are concerned there won't be enough hours in the day!

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