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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting the Dinghy

Well, we received our dinghy, which was drop shipped from Pelican International. We had the dinghy delivered to my sister's house since she lived closer to our marina. The boat came via FedEx Freight and was wrapped in plastic and some small bubble wrap.

Now that we had the dinghy, the next question was how to get the 10'3" dinghy to the marina? Since it only weighed 112 lbs, we decided to load it ontop of Bill's SUV and tied it down with rope and straps. Then we drove the 20 miles to the marina at a speed under 45mph. We didn't drive faster, because we didn't want it to pop off and hit the vehicle behind us. I saw a mattress do that on GA400 once and it wasn't pretty.

Once we got to the marina we unloaded and unwrapped the dinghy. Then Bill and I carried it down the dock to our boat. Once we sat it down we noticed a 2 to 3 inch gouge that went through the dinghy on one side. The gouge is located right in the middle of the dinghy. It looks like a forklift blade pushed right through the Ram-X hull.

Needless to say, we are disappointed. Now, I have to contact Gander Mtn and find out what to do next. I'm taking it in stride. Things happen.

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