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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cost of Identity

There are a bunch of ready made identities available to you. Many people pull on identities and don't even know they are wearing them. They each have different costs associated with them.

For example, maybe you are a soccer mom. This identity has certain costs associated with it. You need to, for example, drive a mini-van or SUV; your kids have to be on a soccer team; some teams are traveling teams; and there are certain clothes that your kids will wear. Maybe you carry the identity of the sophisticated car aficionado. This will require you to drive particular cars; dress in particular ways; and subscribe to certain magazines. Another identity some carry is as a well heeled parent of a child in a private school. Now you have a certain level of clothing you will need; a nice car; and you will be attending events requiring you to out lay enough dough to prove you are well heeled. Cyclists, both of the motor and human powered variety, likewise carry an identity. Each must have a cycle and each must have particular clothes. For the bicyclist, a rack to carry your bike too is needed.

I've conducted a self analysis to figure out which identities I chose to carry. I'm an Ironman triathlete, that is one identity and has certain costs. I'm a boater, specifically a sail boater, and even more specifically, a catamaran boater. I'm also a money saver. This last identity cross cuts the others enabling us to do our big trip.

What are you? Who are you? Who do you claim to be? If you don't claim to be anyone, how much does that unique identity cost you? Some ready made identities are healthier from a finance perspective, others from a physical perspective, and still others cover both.

Next time you're driving along and you see bumper stickers on a car, notice how many are identity stickers. If there is a bumper sticker for an identity, you know it is ready made. They all boldly say, "I'm a [insert identity here]." It is a fun exercise that will highlight to you how many ready made identities there are. :) You can also begin to wonder why people feel they must share their identity on their car! Gee, why do I have my Ironman sticker on my car?

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