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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Air Head or Nature's Head Composting Toilet?

If you've been keeping up, you know that we are replacing our existing sanitation system on the boat with a composting toilet. (If you have not been keeping up, click here for the other posts: post 1, post 2, and post 3).

After review all of our options, which included constructing our own composting toilet, we are down to two worthy products, Air Head and Nature's Head. Both toilets are made from a molded polymer and at first glance look very much like the toilet we have in our apartment. Both toilets separate the solid waste and liquid waste into their own containers that have to be emptied at some point. The toilets are very much alike, except in two ways.

First, the Nature's Head toilet has a normal size (like found in your home) molded toilet seat, while the Air Head's seat is a little more compact. The compact seat wouldn't bother our girls, but it could get a little uncomfortable for Bill and I.

Second and most importantly, Air Head's basic unit cost $969 + shipping, while the Nature's Head unit cost $850 + shipping. Additional components for the toilets, such as additional liquid waste containers, are similar in cost.

So which toilet, Air Head or Nature's Head? Well the choice for us is oblivious. Nature's Head. I'm planning on purchasing the toilet on Friday. We hope to have it by November 25th so that we can install it over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

If you want to learn more about these two composting toilets, I've provided links below.


  1. What have your experiences been since (I assume) you installed the Nature's Head. I'm about to pull the trigger and buy one but I'd like to hear your most up-to-date comments.

  2. @finman: The toilet continues to be wonderful. I'm not sure if you've seen the other posts about the toilet thorought this blog, but others have asked the same question and we put the answers within the comments. I may just write up an individual blog post called "what its like?" culling out the after installation experiences that are embedded in the various post comments.

    We love the toilet. For us, it has done exactly what we wanted it to do. Smell is gone, simplicity of the toilet system has been achieved, and the weight taken up by the system is less. The system does require a bit more control, if you will, when relieving yourself as a male but that has not proven to be an issue of consequence.


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