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Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Rid of the Dirty, Smelly Head!

We currently have 89 items on our punch list that need to be completed before December 2010. The number 1 item is removing the current sanitation system and replacing it with a composting toilet.

We have chosen to get rid of our exiting system for 3 reasons. First, the smell. No matter what chemicals we used, the boat smells like a porta potty. Second, we have an issue of getting water pumped into the existing toilet. Third, when we arrive at a location, we are planning on spending most of our time at anchor. If we keep our existing system with a holding tank, we will have to always be looking for a marina in order to pump-out our tank or we will have to travel 3 miles offshore to dump it.

So why a composting toilet? Stay tune!

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