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Friday, November 6, 2009

McD Coupons deployed with an unexpected benefit

Recall the McDonalds coupon post? 12 freebies for $1? We've begun successfully deploying them and we've encountered another nice benefit.

A few nights ago we walked over to the McDonalds and both KJ and Dy had their freebie hamburger coupon in hand. While Dy wanted to eat her coupon, KJ proudly held hers .... like the Golden Ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

KJ wanted to get her own hamburger; be her own person. So, Val and I stood way back and watched KJ, with her chin up high, stroll up to the counter and present her coupon. She ordered her own hamburger. The restaurant manager figured out what was going on and played it up too.

It was an excellent life experience in a controlled setting, all facilitated by this coupon. We've already received more back in terms of money from the coupons, but granting KJ the experience, even though unintended, makes it truly valuable.

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