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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Composting Toilet - Get Rid of the Dirty, Smelly Head -

In my last post regarding the sanitation system, I wrote about the 3 main reasons that we were changing out the system. The composting toilet mitigates of all those reasons.

First, with the composting toilet there will be no stinky porta potty smell. This is achieved because the solid waste and liquid waste are stored separately and there is a dedicated vent. From my research, the only thing that we might smell is the earthy aroma of peat moss. Second, there will be no need for water. The composting toilet is a dry system. Finally, no need for pump-out since there's no holding tank. The solid waste turns into dirt after a short period of time and can be disposed of any way we choose. The liquid waste is sterile and can also be disposed of in any manner we choose.

Switching our sanitation system to a composting toilet is a no brainier, but which toilet? Airhead or Nature's Head?


  1. So will you have to carry a supply of peat moss aboard the boat? If so, good thing it's light.

  2. Yeah, that is exactly right. We plan on getting a 6 lbs brick of it. According to others who've taken this approach, that one brick should last us 18 months. Thanks for the post jomamma!


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