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Monday, November 2, 2009

Under 400! My how things shrink

This past week, the big countdown clock on our website went below 400. There are less than 400 days until we can cast off and to see the world on our terms. This gave me a moment to pause and reflect on the numbers that have been in the countdown in the past, and how knowledge makes all the difference in the world.

When we decided to make this trip, back in mid 2007, we projected all sorts of needs. The needs ran the gamut from financial to the maturity of the crew. For example, our best guess, based on the readings of glossy magazines, was that we would have enough money if we saved for 9 years, making the trip a 2016 venture. We were totally comfortable with that as our target date and we began diligently working towards our goal.

As time progressed and we learned more, in 2008 we realized something that allowed us to easily pull the trip in to 2012. That was a full 4 year adjustment! Huge stuff. Just one thing.... one idea.... one piece of knowledge removed 1460 days.

In 2009, another realization was made that allowed us to pull the trip in yet another year, making it possible for us to set sail in 2011. Another 365 days were cropped.

About 3 years into working towards the 9 year goal, the 9 year goal shrunk to a 4 year goal, putting us now about 1 year away from when we can set sail!

One of the lessons to be shared is that the goal may appear larger than it really is and only once you are in the throws of accomplishing it will you truly see what it takes. If you really want something, go for it. You may be rewarded with less work than you anticipated.

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