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Monday, February 8, 2010

Car Ride To The Atlantic Ocean and Our New Hailing Port

Last weekend we headed out for the Atlantic ocean, and our potential new hailing port, Savannah, GA. The purpose of the road trip was 2 fold, test out how the family would fare and to pop in on a boatyard/marina that we've been thinking about moving our boat to.

The ride took 3.75 hours and that included 3 different stops: a gas stop, breakfast stop, and a rest area stop. The ride was 98% 4+ lane interstate and state highways. The ride is 272.8 miles each way.

We don't have an on-board DVD player or anything like that for them. It was conversation all the way down (no radio playing). The little ones did fantastic!

Once in Savannah area, we easily made our way to the marina/boatyard we are considering. The place felt perfect. We walked the grounds, checked out the boats in the marina, and inspected the boatyard. It was exactly what we were looking for. The place is run by a husband and wife. The vibe was clearly one of an "every sailors" marina. The folks in the marina were doing
their thing, not trying to be this or that. We took a picture of the boat sling that would be used to put Ariel in the ocean.

Val has begun conversations with the marina owners, and we are currently discussing having the yard prep our boat and then putting it in right at their marina. We may be sending the boat out as early as April. :) This would allow us, minimally, 6+ months of potential weekend ocean time before we would go on the voyage.


  1. My daughter spent a few months on the M/Y Francine in a marina in Savannah. Seems like the marina was just across the road from a very famous cemetery. Or at least it was close by. Savannah is a beautiful town. Great walking town to tour.

  2. @jomamma: we really enjoyed our visit and the "felt" comfortable. Once we move the boat out there, Savannah will become our home (at least during the weekends!)


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