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Friday, February 26, 2010

Complete Raymarine Super System Pack Plus for $2,065

With our recent win of a Radome, we've managed to create a fantastic boat electron super system for only $2,065. This is what we have:
  1. C70 Multi-Function Display (MSRP $1455)
  2. DSM30 Digital Sounder Module (MSRP $550)
  3. Raystar 125 GPS Sensor (MSRP $365)
  4. RD218 Radome (MSRP $1415)
  5. SeaTalk Cables (MSRP $35)
  6. P66 High Speed Transom Mount Transducer (MSRP $152)
  7. Navionics Gold East Coast and Bahamas electronic maps (MSRP $169.99)
All for about $2K!

Pulling this stuff together only took patience. We lurked on craigslist, ebay, and marina bulletin boards and executed when the prices were right.

Our original budget for the Radar system was $2,500. This was to buy only a multi-function display and a radar. We spend $2,065 and got much more.

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