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Monday, February 1, 2010

Seimens Solar Panels On Gemini 3200 Rear Arch

A previous owner installed 2 Seimens 75 Watt Solar panels (Seimens SP75) on the rear arch on our Gemini 3200. Based on the documentation, we believe the panels were installed in 2005.

All wires are routed through the arch and into the main cabin, where they are attached to a Seimens Solar Controller located on the electrical panel. The controller is then connected directly to the batteries.

When we add the D-400 Wind Generator, we will have an issue of multiple controllers and balancing battery top-off
levels. We will also have a problem with ghost loads appearing and we will need to put in a charge divert. This will be fun!

The photos are provided for others interested in Solar Panel configurations and installation approaches.


  1. I have had two 75Watt Siemans solar panels on my vessel Malua. They were installed in 2004. Half the time sailing in the southern and half in northern hemisphere. They give out 6 to 7 amps in good sunlight. I have not noticed any degridation over the years. No picture but a description of other equipment at www.malua.com.au/equipment/equipment
    Regards Harry

  2. @HarryWS: Thanks for sharing Harry. The website address you listed didn't work, so I did some poking around and this is the address I believe you meant: http://www.malua.com.au/equipment/equipment.htm
    (yours was simply missing the ".htm")

    Thanks again, and your commentary on a Frenchmen's anchoring technique is absolutely hysterical.


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