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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Bucket List

This is the big bucket weekend. KJ and Dy will each be given a 6 gallon bucket. They will be told to put toys in their buckets that they want to keep, and that all the other toys that don't make it into the bucket will be going away.

Since neither of the girls read this blog, it is safe to share that we won't really be getting rid of the other toys yet. We will simply sequester the toys so they appear gone.

Our intent is to continue educating the girls about our new lifestyle. They will need to choose wisely; what is in the bucket is what they will get to play with for a period of time. Do they do a few big things? Or do they do lots of little things? Will they mix this up? Will it be dolls? Legos? Will they collaborate and share bucket space? Who knows, it will be fun to see how it all works out.

The hamster wheel of life is often aimed at how many buckets of stuff you can acquire. One of the lessons we are learning, as we prepare for our journey, is that it isn't the number of the buckets you get, but rather the quality of the stuff you put in the bucket. Our life bucket is no longer a big house, but rather it is a tiny boat. The quality of the stuff we put in it is really the focus. The most important items in our tiny boat bucket is us. That is our focus.

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