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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last $250 for Car Tags!

With February being Val's birth month, we had to renew our car tags.

For $250 USD, both of our cars are registered in the state of Georgia for 1 more year. Whoopie. This may very well be the last time, for a long time, that we have to get the car tags renewed. Wahoo!

This may also be the last time that we have to do car emissions testing too. At $25 per car, that is another $50 we shell out each year.

$300 each year for having registered automobiles in the state is a lot of money. However, our current lifestyle needs the cars. Our next life phase, the voyaging phase, won't require them so that $300 won't be spent! Now, about the boat registration money we send to the state .... :)


  1. How about moving those registrations to another month other than poor Val's b'day month? I'm pulling for you girl. $300 bucks will buy you quite a few nice sarongs in the Caribbean.

  2. Sate boat registration? Ah, for out of the country cruising, maybe you should have U.S. Documented. Something you need to check if you haven't already.
    Gemini Groups

  3. @jomamma: Yeah, our lovely state of Georgia makes all car registrations due the birth month of the person whom has the car registered, and both our cars are in Val's name. A nice "Happy Birthday." $300 will indeed buy some beautiful sarongs while we are in Caribbean!! That will be such a nice different expense. I can't wait to have to complain, "what? a beautiful blue sarong? I much would have preferred a light green one dear ... it better matches the turquoise water"

    @Loco Gato: Thanks, Lynn, for the info. There is indeed a state boat registration, and we've already paid it. It is like $60 and it lasts 3 years. However, our boat is also already US Coast Guard documented, and because we will be sailing outside of the US waters, we won't need a specific state registration any more. We will have to maintain the US Coast Guard one though, and that is a free one. The downside is that it is a yearly activity and paperwork based (vice being on line). So we will have to play the paperwork shuffle game from different parts of the world as we roam.

  4. @jomamma: Thanks!

    @Loco Gato: Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog/web site. See you on the Gemini forum.


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