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Monday, March 15, 2010

Carpet Blanket Mast

We are approaching our big boat shipping day .... from Atlanta to Savannah. Our Gemini will be put on the back of a truck and transported to its new home marina. With all the bridges between here and there, the mast will obviously have to be stepped.

Once we step the mast, it will be put on the back of the truck horizontally to go along with the boat. How do we protect the aluminium mast from getting all dinged up? Carpet!

While doing our research on how to ship our boat, it was recommended to us to wrap our mast in carpet for protection. With this, Val began her search for some free carpet.

Val talked to our apartment manager about this, and the apartment manager told Val that she could have all the carpet she wanted from the next apartment refresh cycle. Well, there was an apartment refresh cycle this past weekend! So Val was able to secure some free carpet! We loaded enough carpet for our mast in our car, and took it out to the boat.

Now we have our carpet mast blanket!

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