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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Preparing To Unstep The Mast - Wiring

To get the mast ready to be brought down (unstepping), all the wires that run up the mast have to be disconnected. Being responsible for the electrical system, this task fell squarely in my court. YES!

Removing the wiring cover, I found a jumble of wires. I was surprised since I had inspected some of the other masts around the boat yard, and they only had 2 or 3 wires sticking out of them.

I traced out the wires, and was pleasantly surprised to find quick disconnects on all of them except one. In fact, this one special extra wire had masking tape on it. :( When I unwound the masking tape, I found bare wire.

The mystery masking tape wire ran to the wind sensor junction box. Upon taking that apart, I found a very simple way to uncouple the wires.

I undid the junction points, and snaked the wind vane sensor wire out. The wind vane sensor wire is now free and clear.

Methodically, each wire received a label making re-wiring trivial. All wires were then taped up so that their ends wouldn't be exposed to the elements.

Val! The wires have been disconnected and are ready! How goes the rigging!? :)


  1. It is always fun to find wires with masking tape! Hope it is the only one you discover.

  2. @BoatMoma: Thanks, we hope so too. I've found a few weird electrical approaches on the boat (e.g. using twist wire connections), but this was the first masking tape approach. All fixed now though!


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