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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Major Fix – Rudder Cage – Phase 3 – Getting Rudder Cage Welded

If my Dad lived in town, getting the rudder cage welded would have been easy. I would have simply ask Daddy to weld it, but he lives in Northwest Alabama. So I decided to let my fingers do the walking in the yellow pages, metaphorically speaking. I googled machine shop for northern Atlanta. After calling the first 5 machine shops in my area and find out that they were no longer in business, I decided to call the local West Marine store to see if they had any recommendation. They had two, but neither of them answered their phones. I called our marina to see if they did stainless steel welding. The lady at the service shop stated that they had someone who came by once a week and who charged $90/hr with a one hour minimum, but she was not sure when he would be by. I was beginning to think that I needed to take a road trip to go see my Dad. I decided to try one more machine shop off of Buford Highway in Doraville, GA. I was in luck, Capital City Machine Shop was able and willing to fix my rudder cage. Capital City Machine Shop ( http://www.capitalcitymachine.com )is full service machine shop. They do everything from repairs to cnc milling and turning to fabrication.

I took the rudder cage over to Capital City Machine Shop where I handed off to Mr. Willis Pratt, the lead welder. Mr. Pratt took time out of his busy day to inspect the rudder cage, ask questions regarding it use, and when I needed it. We exchanged cards and he told me that he would call me once the repair was finished., this was about 1:30pm. Before 3pm, I had received a call from Mr. Pratt stating that the repair was finish and that I could pick-up the rudder cage whenever I like. So the next morning I went to pick-up the cage. Mr. Pratt did a fantastic job. Not only had he fixed the weld that I had pointed out, but he had also fixed another broken weld that I had not noticed and checked all of the remaining welds. All of this for $65.

I highly recommend Capital City Machine Shop to anyone. The staff is very nice, professional, and meticulous. http://www.capitalcitymachine.com 770.447.9545

I would like to say a special Thank You to Mr. Pratt and Ms. Charlotte!

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