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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old School Cheap Popcorn Fun

Last week we found some old school popping corn .... the kind that was used before those hot air poppers and way before microwaves. It was the type that sits in a pan that you put right on the stove. As the elements heat up, the popcorn begins to pop and a giant aluminum foil ball begins to form. We decided to pick a few of them up ... they were JiffyPop brand and being sold in packets of 2 for $1. With our magic popcorn in hand, we began the family build up. The kids had never seen this type of wizardry ... they had only known popcorn from the microwave. With the appropriate fanfare built up, the main event took place. We didn't tell them what was inside ... we just told them to watch and listen. First a single pop, and a quizzical look graced both girls faces. Then some more pops, and a tiny bit of steam started to blow out the top. Like a glacier falling, there was then an avalanche of pops!! The magic aluminium ball continued to grow without bound ... KJ wondered how big it would get. With the last few pops, the smell gave it away and KJ yelled, "POPCORN!" Ahhh yeah, old school charm and fun. It was old school popcorn ... and at 50 cents it was great entertainment. We then settled down and watched a movie from Redbox (pushing our total for the 2.25 hours of entertainment to $1.50). It was a perfect night.

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