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Friday, August 21, 2009

What is really major anyway?

Val has been sharing our recent experience with our first major issue. What is fun and interesting is that major to us would be considered quite minor and trivial to anyone who has spent any time working on boats. For us, this big first event, the major event, is quite minor to us now. :) That is definitely an experience/growth change.

This applies to so many things in life .... what is major for one person, and quite minor for another, doesn't diminish the stress it can cause. It is also interesting that experience helps one set the distinction between major and minor. We see this in our kids all the time.

What is critical and important to our kids is no less critical and important to them than the most important issue that we, as adults, face in life. So, the trick is, to recognize this when the next major event occurs and try to put it all back into perspective. Short of life threatening situations, nothing is ever really major.

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