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Monday, August 17, 2009

Taking and Keeping Stock

Now that we have had an opportunity to enjoy Ariel, I’ve been working on an equipment inventory document. When finished, this document will make it assist in quick repairs when something fails. In conjunction with the inventory document, I’m also creating a maintenance log and manual as we figure our the power/electrical, electronic, water, and motor systems. So far the most difficult thing is trying to identify all of the equipment, the last time maintenance was performed, and what is needed in order to perform routine maintenance.

Whether you own a boat or a house, I recommend that you keep a good maintenance log and a consolidated record of all of the upgrades, equipment, manufacturer, purchase price and purchase date. When you get ready to sell, theses documents will demonstrate to the perspective buyers that the boat/house has been cared for and the added value they will get buying your boat/house over another. Even if you never intend to sell, these documents will make your life easier when something does fail.

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