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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melbourne, Australia

Last week work had me traveling to Melbourne, Australia. What a beautiful, and large, country! The city of Melbourne resides on the coast and as a consequence afforded me beautiful views of the ocean and lots of boats. The country, surrounded by water, is very friendly towards boating. As I met people, the conversation inevitably went towards boating and various ocean activities. There is no doubt that when we make our journey that we will spend a good 60 days in Australia. We want to sail into Sydney harbor, put our boat up for yearly maintenance and, while that is being worked on, go buy a junker car and drive all over the country! Ayers rock, Melbourne, and so much more just has to be visited as a family. Obviously, when we are in this region of the world, we will be visiting New Zealand and we want to hit Tasmania too! Ahhh, when do we sail?

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