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Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Bikes

We are constantly challenging what constitutes the minimum amount of stuff we have to take on our voyage. One item that has recently been removed from the list is folding bikes. We were very certain for a long time that we needed to have 2, if not 4, folding bikes. We just knew that we would end up some place and want to pull these them out to pedal around. After a number of email exchanges with other folks doing this “gig”, we’ve concluded that the number of places that we could actually use the bikes is so small that we shouldn’t waste our valuable space on them. Where we want to travel, the roads are unimproved, muddy, rocky, or just plain impassable with wheels.


  1. Plus, you could always rent bikes.

  2. @Angel: Absolutely right! Great idea. In locales where biking is common/possible, the likelihood of finding a bike rental should be high. Thanks Angel.

  3. I know this is an ancient post, but I just discovered your blog and am enjoying a snowy day reading it.

    As for bikes...
    A regular car bike rack from the trift store will allow you to carry thrift store bikes for a song. We mount our on the bgack rail which is conviniently over the tender on our PDQ 32.

    For the kids, folding scooters (Razor) are great. The little ones can thus keep up with fast walking adults, they are fun, and tiny to store. Also, I have been known to borrow my daughter's when I needed to run an erand... before we started bringing bikes.


  4. @Drew Frye: Great ideas! Putting the bike rack on the back is super. I'm wondering how the weathering would affect the bikes. And the Razor scooter approach is super too. Those things are small. Enjoy the snow Drew! Here in Atlanta, we had a total of 13 snow flakes yesterday .... and we have some predicted for tomorrow.


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