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Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Didn't I Pay Attention

I grew up in the Southern US. My mother and grandmother were avid food preservers and sewers. I assisted them in the garden, preserving food, and even sewing for nearly 15 years. But recently when I started to refresh my skills that I thought I had, I HAD NO CLUE. Why didn't I pay more attention to what they were teaching me. As I ponder this thought the only answers I can give are that I didn't thing that I would ever use thoses skills or that I had done them so many times that it would be like "riding a bike." Well it's not like "riding a bike."

Now I'm learning how to preserve food and sew all over again. Sadly, both my mother and grandmother are no longer living and I have lost them as a source of knowledge. Fortunantely, we live in the information age and there are tones books, youtube videos, blogs, and other online resources for me to utilize. However, I wish that I had my mother and grandmother around to discuss ideas and to hear stories about their experiences.

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