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Friday, December 11, 2009

Wind Generator vs More Solar Panels

Last month I shared the desire to add another bank of solar panels (More Solar Panels). Since that post, a few people have suggested we look into going with a wind generator instead of additional solar panels. The theory being, adding a wind generator will allow us to produce power 24x7, if the wind is blowing.

After a lot of reading, thinking, and talking, I can appreciate why spending our money on a wind generator instead of another set of solar panels is a good way to go. If it is a hot, stifling, non-windy day, the solar panels will be pumping out at their maximum capacity. If it is dark and cloudy, there is in all likelihood some wind which could be turning the wind generator. Plus, at night, even a little wind could be making some power for us.

On the down side, the wind generator makes noise, has moving parts, adds complexity, and costs more. Even with these negatives, it is our current thinking that adding a wind generator is the right way to go.

At this moment, the D-400 is the wind generator that we want to buy:
D 400 Wind Generator
Our plan is to mount it on our rear arch.

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