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Sunday, December 13, 2009

17 Days At Sea

Last month, Val and I were talking a lot about some fellow adventurers whom are circumnavigating the world on their Gemini boat. They recently made a 17 day sea crossing to Bali! Their website, TheSlapDash.com, can give you all the particulars.

Since reading the Bali crossing entries, I've thought a lot about what it will be like to spend that many days at sea as a family. Will there be a regular daily schedule? Will we focus on the girls schooling? Will the days be spent reading? Will they be spent talking? Will there be lots of naps? How about the pent up energy kids have? Will this mean that we will need an exercise regimen on the boat? (I could create a daily exercise routine for the girls just like I had experienced when I was in the Army!). Will there be a daily movie screening? Will there be 1 giant meal a day, with everyone focused in on making that 1 meal? Will there be a heightened focus on watching for unique marine life? How about immense amount of time studying the weather? Will all the little maintenance and detailed cleaning tasks get done?

I've also thought a lot about our personalities and how they would fare. For me, being alone with my family for that many days would be pleasure. For Val, it will be enjoyable (e.g. not of the level of pleasure, but above tolerable). For KJ and Dy, I don't know yet but from what I've seen of them so far, it really will depend upon how Val and I treat the situation. They truly take their cues from us.

Only time and experience will tell. Once we are out there doing this, we will let you know!


  1. You just described the perfect Home School curriculum, that is if you have a wii for the physical ed classes.

  2. @jomamma: :) no wii, but we will certainly have the phys ed action as we pull lines, raise and lower the dingy, and stay steady on the rocking boat! :)


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