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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! You have 2000 lbs!

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday's post was about the load capacity issue. While we search out the exact number, we will use our comfortable/reasonable guestimate of 2,000 lbs load capacity.... about the same as Santa's sleigh.

What does 2,000 lbs allow us to have?

Here are some numbers to share to help figure this out:
100 U.S. Gallons of Water = 833 lbs
4 of us (Bill, Val, KJ, Dy) = 440 lbs
3 Laptops = 16 lbs
Extra Anchors and Chain = 250 lbs
Extra Rode/Rope = 50 lbs
3 Months of Food = 250 lbs

Well that's about it! No more stuff. Scary because we have a number of other things we want to bring (like an extra mainsail). Maybe we will find the actual load capacity and find that it is more than 2,000 lbs!


  1. Bill, Does the load capacity include a dinghy with outboard as well?

  2. @Joe: Alas, the 2000 lbs is for everything that isn't standard with the boat. So the dinghy and its engine count against our limits. The carrying capacity of a boat certainly is a trade off point.


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