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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Keys to Life

The phrase, Keys to Life, resonated with me this morning. Normally people associate it with meaning that some guiding principle is understood which makes everything easier. For example, one key to life would be to live it to the fullest. While good advice, this type of key to life isn't what resonated.

Throughout your life, opportunities are presented to you. Some are self created, some are handed to you, some are from blind luck. Each of these opportunities are keys. It is up to you to discern how the key works, then turn the key, and finally opening up the door to see what is inside.

Membership in organizations is one such key. When you become part of the group, that is a key. You have to figure out how it works, what doors it unlocks, and decide if you want the contents behind the door.

Keys to Life are not guiding principles. Keys to life are opportunities that you can chose to seize or not, wield or not, use or not. For me, there are millions of keys and the real challenge is deciding which ones to use. In the end, just remember, you have to turn the key.

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