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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sick In The Box

Boy o boy was I sick. I was the type of sick that had me laid out on the bathroom floor looking up at the toilet and worshiping its existence. Around 4:30PM the other day, I got sick. I mean really sick. It came upon me like a wave. I spent the entire night in the bathroom, and then slept 18 hours the next day. Based on all the symptoms, I must have had a stomach virus.

As with most daily events, I ask myself, "How would I have handled that on the boat?" The composting toilet isn't good for liquids, so vomit would have to go elsewhere. Further, the boat bathroom (head) isn't big enough to allow for my 6 foot body to be sprawled out. After discussing it with Val, short of being out in a bad storm, the best option would have been to lay on the floor of the cockpit, and aim for the drain holes. The next morning, the area could be easily hosed off. Unpleasant as this sounds, it is important to consider what would need to be done in such cases.

Life happens regardless of your environment. Mentally playing out how we will handle the rudimentary happenings of life, while on the boat, is extremely helpful in preparing us. When a situation occurs, we will have a game plan.

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  1. Like my daughter would say to the guests on the Snorkel Boat... " Please move to the aft, the back to you land lubbers, and shoot for distance."


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