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Monday, December 7, 2009

Trawling Fishing Machine

With the abundance of food right below our hull, we would be foolish to not try to catch fish. As a consequence, I hereby dub ourselves fishermen.

We are now entering into the "We are fishermen" social circles. Neither Val nor I have fished in 30 years or more, and neither of our daughters have. However, our fishing prowess, like all good fishermen, is limited only by our imagination.

As we sail, there is no reason we can't become a trawler .... with a line thrown out the back to seduce those poor unsuspecting fish.

Our current plan is to put a feathery jig ahead of a cigar sized Rapala on the same line, with each lure about 2' apart. The Rapala Magnums look just right, with the silver one being the most fishy delectable looking one.

Silver Silver

We will be playing the odds game. The odds are, there will be some fish dumber than we are .... who will see those succulent lures pass by, and that fish will be compelled to chomp down providing us some good ole fish meat.

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