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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Swimming in the Same Waters

ZeroToCruising.com has a blog we enjoy reading very much; it is the journal of Mike and Rebecca Sweeney and thier journey to take the big plunge ... the very same plunge we are!

Mike and Rebecca started with as much experience as we did (ZERO), they selected a 32 foot catamaran (a beautiful PDQ by the way), and they even have the exact same toy sailboat we do! While uncoordinated (I promise), even our blog postings often cross (same topic/same day!). There are many other similarities, and I encourage you to find them.

Their site is fun, refreshing, full of energy, and well worth your time.

Happy New Year Mike and Rebecca! Cheers to the new year ... the year that we both end up on the ocean full time.

(oh, their sail date? August 1st, 2010. Damn! Right in the middle of hurricane season for us, otherwise I would see it as a sign for us to go then too.)


  1. Thanks for the plug guys, and the kind comments. We definitely enjoy reading your opinions on subjects that we too have been considering.

    As for our departure date, it is true that we plan to leave Ontario around August. Our plan is to take our time and enjoy the trip southward, and thus avoid entering the hurricane zone until it is safe to do so.

    Take care,


  2. @Mike: Val and I wondered if that was your plan (taking your time heading South). Our plan is to depart from Savannah GA in December, so if the timing is right we may just have to coordinate our blogs with an actual sail along side moment.

  3. Sounds great! We plan on hanging out in the Chesapeake area for some time so won't be near you till December or so.

    Unrelated question... which you can feel free to answer in your blog if you wish. How is the nature's head working out?

  4. @Mike: The Natures Head composting toilet is still in project mode. I'd say Val is 75% completed with the change over. She plans on uploading pictures and doing write ups for each step of the conversion process very soon. After we've had it installed for a few months, we will follow up with the end results blog post to report on how effect the system really is. Stay tuned ... stuff coming shortly. Thanks for asking.


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