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Friday, April 2, 2010

Boom and Main Sail Down

This week we took down the boom and main sail. We were ready for some big endeavor, but after studying what's what, it only took about 35 minutes for the boom and 5 minutes for the sail.

For the boom, the biggest challenge was getting the large Clevis pin, attaching the boom to the mast, free. Once that was done, it was a simple matter of undoing a few lines. The next challenge was where to put it. We elected to store it inside the boat.

For the main sail, the biggest challenge was figuring out how to get the slugs out of the mast sail track. I knew there had to be an opening in the channel somewhere. It took most of the 5 minutes to find it and remove the retaining plate, and once that was done it was easy to drop the sheet.

We had took amazing pictures of these activities. Alas, when we packed up after our boat work, our blog camera was missing. :( We have no idea where it went. Whomever has it, be sure to enjoy the amazing pictures of the removal.

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