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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Island Time

While pushing through last weekends tasks of settling Ariel into her new home, a big red HALT sign flashed in my face. Val and I faced "Island Time." You know Island Time, it is that more relaxed, it will get done in time, attitude.

The contrast was made even more clear by the simple fact that it was Friday and I will still in professional Bill mode.... pushing pushing pushing .... moving to the next task. Well, those on Wilmington island (where Ariel is berthed) don't care how fast your professional life moves, things will get done in their own good time.

This became clear to me while I waited to have a sub-sandwich made. I was typing up an SMS to Val with the following text "Sorry it is taking so long ..... everyone everywhere on this island is moving slow" Just as I was about to press send, it dawned on me: they weren't moving slow, I was moving too fast. I needed to operate at the pace of those around me. I needed to slow down, and enjoy the Island Time pace.

Val and I had experienced this before, while on vacation on some remote islands a few years ago. It took a couple of days then to realize this.

Here I was again, carrying my hurried pace baggage to this wonderful place. It was time to drop the luggage. So, I deleted my SMS text and sent instead, "This is wonderful place. It is so relaxed. We are operating on Island Time. Will be out when the sandwiches are ready." In flight course correction. Ahh, it felt good.

Now when we head down, we will be dropping the hustle bustle attitude the moment we make it over the causeway. We will be on Island Time. I can't wait to get back!!

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  1. Even though I'm no where near the beach, I think I'm going to start living on Island Time. What a way to start the week and end the school year.


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