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Friday, April 16, 2010

Popcorn! A marvelous voyaging food

We enjoy snacks when we watch a movie, or when we are sitting around just chatting. We want to take the snack activity with us on the boat as we meander around the world. However, what is a good, economical, spatially compact, immune to the environment of the sea, tastes good with a variety of beverages (kiddie and adult) snack? Chips? NO! Candy? Maybe. Popcorn?! YES! And we do enjoy popcorn very much.

Our plan is to buy 10 lbs of corn kernels and place them in a large Tupperware sealed container. When it is time to party hard with some popcorn, it will be a matter of scooping out a few table spoons of this delicious treat and cooking them in a frying pan. That's right, no microwave action on our boat so we will be making popcorn the old fashioned way, in a pan.

Cooking old school popcorn is quite trivial.
  1. Get a frying pan with a fitted lid
  2. Out some type of oil in it to help keep the kernels from sticking (canola oil works fine)
  3. Heat the pan until you can drop a single kernel in and it pops
  4. Take a few table spoons of kernels and put them in the pan
  5. Put the lid on quickly!!!
  6. Shake the pan around every 30 seconds to ensure that none of the kernels are sticking
  7. Once you stop hearing pops, take the pan off the flame
  8. Dump the popped corn into a bowl
  9. Add in seasonings (cinnamon is good, so is garlic, but the old stand by of salt and butter works too!)
  10. Enjoy!
The entire process is less than 5 minutes, so you, your family, and any guests who happen to dinghy over can enjoy this treat immediately.


  1. You know, I've never tried that. We use those Jiffy Pop things on the boat but your way would be much cheaper, and take up less room. Thanks.

  2. Isn't the old fashioned simple way always the most logical?

  3. Have you thought of splitting it into 2 tupperware containers instead of just 1? Just in case something goes wrong (murphy's not Bill's law)like a crack and a bit of water gets in or strange tropical creatures decide your tupperware is a good place to nest? That way you can never lose your full stock of popcorn on board.

  4. @Mike: Most welcome. You can also do microwave popcorn in a similar fashion just by putting the kernels in a small paper bag.

    @jomamma: Yes! Modern conveniences often obscure logic! :)

    @Lola: Great idea Lola. We had talked about the multi-container approach for other things (such as rice) for the very reasons you listed, but we didn't extend it to the popcorn. You can bet that we will be putting the popcorn in multiple containers!


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