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Friday, April 9, 2010

Transporting a Gemini 3200

Yesterday was TRANSPORT day!!! Success! Success!

Here are some details and a few pictures. We uploaded a lot of photos on our main site's Boat Transport page. Enjoy!

For the last couple of months, we have been preparing for transport. During that time we have removed personal items, emptied water tanks, stowed gear, removed the standing rigging, unstepped the mast, removed the solar panels, removed the bimini, removed the old vinyl lettering, and the list goes on and on. Below is a picture of our Gemini 3200 will everything removed, emptied, and stowed (except the dinghy).

I was at the boat yard bright and early removing, stowing, and cleaning. Our transporter, First Choice - Ken Andrews and his son Mike, arrived at 8:30 AM and got right to work. After helping me finish wrapping the mast, Ken pulled his truck around. With a little help, the mast was loaded onto the bed of the trailer. Notice the 14'x8"x8" beams that will be used for the braces/cradle. They are really heavy.

After loading the mast, Ken pulled his truck up next to the gate. It was time to place Ariel on the trailer. Stumpy hoisted Ariel into the air using the travelift and held her a few feet behind and above the trailer.

Before they could set Ariel down onto the trailer, the brace/cradle had to be put into place. Like I said before, these braces are really heavy. It took two men on each side of the braces to put them into place.

After a few adjustments and the addition of carpet, Stumpy was almost ready to place Ariel onto the cradle. Ariel was hovering above the trailer, but one little detail needed to be taken care of before she could be place onto the cradle. I had to climb up the ladder, turn on the batteries, and lift the outboard motor so that it would not hit the trailer and mast.

With the precision of a surgeon, Stumpy deposited Ariel on the cradle.

Next Ken and his son secured Ariel to the trailer, secured the dinghy to Ariel, secured the centerboards and radar arch, and cut off the overhang on the braces. I was busy taping down the hatches, removing the grill, and double checking to make sure everything was stowed.

With 45minutes to spare on our loading time, she rolled out of the boat yard and on her way to Savannah, GA.

It was great working with First Choice - Ken Andrews. If we ever have to ship a boat again, Ken will be the first transporter we call 910-675-1962.

Again, I would like to say THANK YOU!, to the crew at Aqualand Marina Boat yard. These guys are TERRIFIC!!

We are traveling to Sail Harbor Marina in Savannah, GA, this morning, to see Ariel and to do a walk-through with Dick Long at the boat yard.


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  1. I'm excited too. I love seeing a sailboat or cat going down the highway on a truck. I just think "yippie, someone is going to be living the good life really soon."


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