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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunbrella Fabric

With all of the canvas sewing projects that we have on our list, a discussion arose to which outdoor/marine fabric we should use. After a little research the answer was easy, Sunbrella.

Sunbrella is a solution dyed acrylic fabric. Because it is solution dyed, the fabric is highly resistant to fading. It is also one of the best ultraviolet resistance fabrics available to consumers. Sunbrella will not noticeable shrink or stretch and it's breath-ability characteristic prevents condensation. The fabric is also water and mildew resistant. But best of all, both sides of this fabric are the same, meaning that either side can be exposed to the outside. It also means that this fabric does not have a wrong sides, which translates into less wasted fabric.

It is almost the perfect fabric for boats. We have chosen to use the Logo Red color on our boat.

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