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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Removing Vinyl Lettering

One of the tasks that wanted to be completed before transporting our Gemini 3200 was to remove the old vinyl lettering. I had read several forum posts that stated all I would need is a hair dryer and a can of WD-40. Well I can tell you from experience that all you need is a can of WD-40, if it is above 80 degrees and the item is in full sun.

On the day that I removed the old vinyl lettering from Ariel, I sprayed the vinyl lettering with WD-40 in the morning. Another task had priority and I had forgot to bring the hair dryer, to the boat yard. That afternoon, I returned to the boat yard hair dryer in hand. But before plugging in the hair dryer, I decided to see if I could peel the letters off.

Yes, 30 minutes later all of the vinyl letters were off!!


  1. @jomamma: Great recommendation!

  2. I JUST did the same job as we had to change the letters for our boat's home port. We have a big bottle of Goo Be Gone on the boat which I used for that job. WD40 works very well too as I had another job yesterday where we had to remove some sticky crap.


  3. We have been know to use both when the hubby had his vinyl sign business. That was my job... getting the old letters off so he could put the new ones back on. The only thing about WD-40 is if you don't get it ALL off your new letters won't stick. After using it, make sure to use every cleaning agent you can get your hands on, grease cutting dish soap and water, then windex and sometimes a nice going over with some Iso Alcohol and water to make sure everything is off.

  4. @Mike: There we go again doing the same tasks at the same time. Do you have a camera on us? ;)

    @jomamma: Thank you for reminding me to make sure that the boat is good a clean before we put the new lettering up.


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