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Monday, April 12, 2010

Gemini 3200 Transported to New Marina Safe and Secure

Ariel made it to Sail Harbor Marina in Savannah, Georgia safe and secure! We knew that she would, but things can happen and she is part of our family.

Friday we arrived at Sail Harbor Marina around 9:00AM. We pulled into the boat yard and there she was, smiling, happy to see us.

After a heart felt reunion, we did a thorough inspection and found her in the same shape that she was in when she left Aqualand Marina, thanks to First Choice Transport - Ken Andrews!

Then we walked into the Sail Harbor Marina's boat yard office and finally meet Dick Long, the boat yard manager/co-owner. We had speaking with Dick over the phone for a few weeks now, but it was nice to finally meet him in person.

After our conversation with Mr. Long, we believe we all have clear understanding of the first stage of work that his boat yard will be doing on our Gemini 3200. This includes removing old bottom paint down to the fiberglass, repairing any blisters, 4 coats of barrier coat, 2 coats of bottom paint, fiberglass fixes, a thorough inspection of the standing rigging, inspection of hardware and re-bedding (if necessary), as well as the installation of solar vents. Bill and I agreed that we would have Dick's boat yard do some of the work we could do, but would rather let the boat yard do it while Bill is still working in Atlanta.

We experienced a pleasant surprise when we arrived at Sail Harbor Marina; we saw one of Ariel's much younger sister boats. Her name is WindWalker. She is a 2008 Gemini 105MC. She was in the travel lift, waiting for the tide, so that she could be placed back into the water. She is a beautiful boat. Seeing another Gemini at this boat yard adds even more confidence in the Long's operation.

After completing our business at the boat yard, and spending a little more time with Ariel, we had lunch and then drove a short distance to Tybee Island beach. While at the beach we made sand castles, played in the waves, and had ice cream!

As you may have guessed from KJ's expression and Dy's hand, the water was a little cold. ;)

What a wonderful day!! Oh yeah, we found a wonderful ice cream stand for the girls to try out the local cuisine.


  1. t's a good practice to have boats checked for maintenance purposes. Similar to your Ariel, I also have a Gemini 3200. Years of sailing had its toll on my boat, so I docked at marina Massachusetts and had it repaired through the affiliate shops of the marina. Fortunately, the repairs were minor and we were able to sail to Plymouth after some days.

  2. @Debbie: Agreed ... it is good to get them hauled out and looked over. Thanks for sharing!


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