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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Manage Kids at the Boat Yard

When I was KJ's age, I lived next door to my Papal's (grandfather) cotton farm in Northern Alabama. My Mamal (grandmother) would take care of me in the daytime, while my Mom and Dad worked. I remember, when it came time to harvest the cotton, my Papal would put me into the cotton trailer with all of the picked cotton so that I would be safe and out of the way.

Now that our boat is on the hard, we had to think of places that KJ and Dy would be safe and out of the way, while we get our Gemini 3200 ready for transport. An oblivious place is inside the boat. It's a good safe place, but the girls don't always want to be inside. KJ and Dy liked to play in the rocks around the boat, but with the weather turning warmer it would be too hot for them and not the safest place to play. The solution was to set up a little play area under our boat's bridge deck. It is cool in the mid-afternoon, shaded, and the girls can play in the rocks. We placed our cockpit cushions on the rocks and covered them with a blanket so that the girls would have a soft place to sit. The set up includes a portable dvd player, so that they can watch movies.

It's really nice. When I need a break, I find it very comfortable. Maybe too comfortable ;).


  1. They put you in the cotton trailer? An empty one I'm hoping... otherwise you would probably have some severe asthma problems. It's good that the girls can entertain themselves under the boat.

  2. @jomamma: I must be very lucky. The trailer always had cotton. It was my job to pack the cotton down, so that more could fit.

    We are very fortunate.

  3. I would have died. We lived across the street from a cotton gin at one time and when the season started, my lungs would all but collapse. I would have to wear a mask when I went outside just to get the mail.


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