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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 7 Cents of Balloon Fun

My kids love balloons. When there is a balloon to be had, they magically gravitate towards it. Heck, balloons are fun for me too. While running around a store last week, I saw a bag of 144 animal shaping balloons for $9.99. Normally I would have not picked up the bag without checking out other stores and prices, but my instincts said, "Ahh, go with it! It will be fun!" The instincts were totally right.

That one bag of 144 balloons has been a blast for everyone in the family. We've easily had 5 hilarious hours of balloon time, and there is at least 100 more balloons to go. On the dollar per hour fun meter, we are already easily spending less than $2 per hour for all 4 of us (coming out to less than 50 cents per person) and with each passing hour that cost goes down. The fun is different and varied. We've done the static balloon game, made all sorts of animals, chased balloons as their air rushed out of them, shrieked as they popped at unexpected times, had sword fights, balloon bounce contests, and so much more. Even watching the kids try to blow up the balloons and having the air race back out at their faces provides lots of laughs.

So, go out and buy a bag of animal balloons... the value per hour will easily be there. Maybe you will find the artistic talent to create a balloon dog, or flower, or even a hat.

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