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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Million Dollar Test

A few weeks ago, Val and were lusting after the lotto ... it was at a whopping $170 million. With such numbers, the fantasys can go wild. During the discussion, the question came up .... if we won, what would we do different regarding our trip. Would we hire a crew to sail our boat for us? No. Would we buy a bigger boat? No. Would we go right now? Nope, Dy is still to small. Would we change our sailing route? No. What would we do different? That became the question and it was followed by a long silence. We couldn't identify anything we would do different. That became known in our family as the million dollar test: the moment that your life plans don't change simply with the addition of money, you've become rich. Does it take a million dollars to become rich? That really depends on you.

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