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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Resolution of the Dinghy Saga

If you recall, back in July we purchased a Pelican hard shell boat to serve as our dinghy from Gander Mtn. and it was delivered with a long gash in the side (if you want to read the prior post click here). After noticing the damage, I contacted Gander Mtn. and they in turn contacted Pelican International. The next day, we had an appointment scheduled to the pick up of the damaged boat via FedEx Freight. Pelican International and Gander Mtn. handled everything. The only thing we had to do was get the dinghy back to shore. Our marina let us borrow one of their storage bays, to keep the dinghy, until FedEx came to pick it up.

Both Gander Mtn. and Pelican International have been a pleasure to work with. This was one of the best web purchase/returns I have ever had. We wanted to exchange the boat, but Pelican International does just-in-time production and has decided not to produce any more of the boats this year. Last week, Gander Mtn. refunded the entire purchase price to our credit card.

Time to consider new dinghy candidates.

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