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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reframing Stress - It is all perspective

We all have stress in life and I've shared in the concept of, depending on experience, what constitutes a stressful situation for one person is different than for another. Even if it is the exact same situation! Recognizing this is one way to help extricate yourself from a stressful situation. This is part of a broader technique known as reframing.

Reframing is the approach of looking at your situation in a new light. It is actually very simple.

When I was a consultant on the road building large complex technology systems for big well known companies, the stress use to get quite high. My right eye would twitch, and my sleep would be non-existent. I learned to change my view. What I did was say to myself, "I'm one person, in this one building, in this one city, in this one state, in this one country, in this one hemisphere, on this one planet, in this one solar system, in this one galaxy, in this one universe." This statement helped me reframe ... the stress of getting system X up by a certain date and time was really inconsequential in the scheme of the universe! :)

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